Body Types: Which Are You ?!

Posted: September 25, 2013 in What Body Type Are You?

If you’ve had a chance to read through some of the content on my blog, you’ll see that I train a certain way and eat a certain way. How do I know what works for me? Experimenting!!! I’ve read countless articles, tried countless programs, used various methods over the years and I’ve found out the style of training that my body best responds to in terms of progress and aesthetic gains. It’s taken me years, and it’ll take some time for you as well, but a good starting point to figuring out your direction is knowing your body type. Knowing what kind of body type you have will help determine your training regiment and your nutritional needs. It all comes down to this, do you train with a purpose? I do, and so should you. Find yours and work smart. Know your body type. Know what works best for it and experiment. That’s the only way you’re going to get better at anything is with experience and experimenting. You’ll get to learn your body and train efficiently. Not wasting you time with training styles that will hinder your performance. Sound good? Stay with me and learn about the 3 body types, figure out yours and even get some training and nutrition recommendations based on your body type! Think 3 months from now. That’s transformation time. That’s 90 days and those are your 90 days . You won’t let any day go to waste. Make sacrifices and reap the rewards. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Think of the last time you saw someone with an impressive body. You were probably thinking oh must be nice to be that guy. Guess what. It is and it’s possible for you too. Learn about your body type, apply your knowledge and love the results. Let’s go!

In the late 40’s, Dr. William H. Sheldon developed the theory of Somatypes; a theory which described three basic body types:

  1. The Ectomorph
  2. The Mesomorph
  3. The Endomorph

The Ectomorph 

The ectomorph is characterized by:

  • Long limbs and thin frame
  • Lean and lanky
  • Generally tall
  • High metabolism; hard to put on muscle
  • Lose fat relatively easily
  • Tend to do well at endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Exercise and Nutrition Recommendations: Due to their high metabolism and low amount of muscle mass, the best type of training for ectomorphs are short but intense training sessions, with heavy weights and low reps with longer rest periods. Cardio should be minimal, maybe 1-2 sessions a week at 20-30 minutes of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State)  to maintain cardiovascular health. Changing up programs every month or so is key to progressive gains. Aim to add 2.5 – 5 lbs to your lifts from week to week to keep pushing your body, moving heavier weight and growing. Lifting is only part of the equation!  If you’re an ecto looking to put some muscle on that frame you’ll need to eat like a beast and rest.  A LOT. This is incredibly important. Ectomorphs must eat high quality, whole, nutrient dense foods to grow. I ate 5-7 meals a day and made sure that I was getting in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of my goal weight. Eat low-glycemic carbs (oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta), avoid sugars and eat fibrous carbs. Drink lots of water and rest. Ecto’s are usually considered noobs  and tend to believe more is better and spend hours training in the gym, leading to overtraining and wondering why their not growing. Muscle repair happens outside the gym when your resting, not in it. Take the hint. Less is more. Get in. Kill it. Get out. Feed. Rest. and Grow! I’ll provide a list of suggested programs that I’ve used with great success to provide myself with the foundation to build the body I have today. Stay tuned!

The Mesomorph 

The mesomorph is characterized by:

  • Most desired bodytype
  • Muscular and athletic body
  • Rectangular shape, with full chest, good broad shoulders and narrow waist
  • Low body fat
  • Gain muscle easily, but can gain fat easily as well .

Exercise and Nutrition Recommendations: Mesomorphs must train differently from ectomorphs to reach their genetic potential. Due to the large muscle mass and lower body fat, the mesomorph must frequently mix up workouts and use variety to prevent burning out or plateauing. The best way for meso’s to train is to keep the body guessing. Using a combination of rep ranges and techniques such as supersets, dropsets, negative reps, forced reps, rep-pauses, etc, will help the meso grow and progress while limited the chances of plateauing. To keep body fat levels low, I recommend 2-3 HIIT cardio sessions lasting 10-15 minutes. My favourite forms of HIIT cardio include ice hockey, sprints, crossfit WOD’s, and circuits. In relation to nutrition, meso’s should keep protein around 1-1.5 grams per bodyweight, fats around 15-20%, and the rest taken by complex and fibrous carbs. Drink a lot of water, 3+ litres a day and get lots of rest. As mentioned above, rest is when the muscles grow. So train. feed. rest and grow! Follow my muscle specific workouts if you fit into the meso body type. As I am in this body type, the training and nutrition that I follow will be best tailored towards achieving your genetic potential.

The Endomorph 

The endomorph is characterized by:

  • Round body type
  • Lots of excess body fat stored around the waist, arms and legs
  • Small shoulders and wider hips; pear-shaped
  • Generally quite strong
  • Slow metabolism

Exercise and Nutrition Recommendations: Due to the large amount of bodyfat stored on the body and the slow metabolism, it is recommended that the endo use circuit-style training, in conjunction with 3-4 days of HIIT cardio, in order to rev up the metabolism and melt off the fat hiding the muscle away. Like the meso, the endo must change workouts often and use various techniques to get the body burning maximum calories. The training that will best suit this body type is moderate/light weights with minimal rest in between sets. In order for the endo to slim down a bit, it is recommend to eat at a calorie deficit some 250-500 calories below maintenance. Protein intake is key for muscle building, while dropping some low gi-carbs in place for some fibrous carbs, will help along with the results. Try to limit fat intake. Drink lots of water. No booze or soft drinks. This is your body here, not some trashcan. I’ll also post some workout for my endomorph followers to provide kick ass fat burn and muscle unveiling.


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