Keeping Your Body Guessing

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Keeping Your Body Guessing, Training Tips


I’ve been experimenting with planche pushups for a couple months now. I’ve been working on getting my core strength there through planks and back levers. Something I’ve always focused on was variety. I’ve never done the same workout. I completely believe that challenging your muscles with variation will help you build the best you. Your muscles adapt to certain movements and habits over time and memorize them. You’ll notice your lifts will eventually stop progressing and you’ll be stuck at a certain weight struggling to add more. This is called plateauing, and I firmly believe that changing something workout to workout will provide your with progressive gains. You challenge every part of your body. An example of this is your stabilizer muscles. Calisthenics and plyometrics are both great for adding variation to your workout as they require extreme strength, power and balance. Here is one of the moves I’ve been working on. I’ve gone into a more calisthenic and plyometric functional training as of late. I enjoy challenging my strength using only my bodyweight and gravity. I find my core lifts increase greatly whenever I train in this style. Its hard. very hard. but very rewarding.You get great gains and you look awesome. Your core strength also increases twofold. I’m also a big fan of the swiss ball and its half version the bosu ball. I’ve incorporated a lot of balance work to my lifts which recruits heaps of stabilizers. Building these will help you with you core lifts. Great for making plateaus disappear and keeping the gains coming. I’ll have something posted for you tomorrow! It’s leg day and I want to show you one of my favourite exercises I’ve incorporated into my regime to keep my legs powerful and strong. I’m a hockey player, and some solid wheels never hurt to have. Something I suggest would be to practice your pushups and as your strength increase you can go on to plyometrics or calisthenics. The more you practice, the stronger you’ll get and the more challenging you’ll have to make it! And progress is exciting, its addicting. You’ll want more, so go get it. Never be satisfied, you have no idea that capabilities your body is capable of. With that said, stay tuned for the first workout I’m releasing tomorrow!


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