Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat: Is It Possible?

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat: Is It Possible?, Training Tips




What if I told you could gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously ?! Most people believe that there is only one way to get ripped and thats by bulking and cutting.  What if I told you that’s not entirely true! While it’s one way to hit your goals, it’s definitely  not the only way! Bulking up involves eating excess calories, lifting heavy, increasing rest periods, reducing cardio all in pursuance of adding muscle to the frame and pounds on the scale. While you will put on muscle, you will also put on some fat as well. This is what cutting is used for. A deficit in calories, increased cardio and lighter lifting with shorter rest periods results in the burning of the body fat gained from bulking and a chiseled figure. You get shredded but you can also lose a lot of that hard-earned muscle because of the sudden deficit in calories. Most people think that the only route to getting your dream body is by bulking and cutting. While it is a popular method, it’s not the only way to get there. Enter jacked training. While reaching our aesthetic goals we will also be building our strength, power, balance, and agility for functionality and athletic performance. I don’t believe in putting on or losing weight, I believe in changing body composition, shredding fat and building muscle. I stayed within 5 pounds of my starting weight on my transformation found in the motivation section titled “my story”. I looked bigger and I was stronger, performed better athletically and my cardio ability was awesome, all while maintaining my weight. Since then I’ve always trained with a focus on my composition rather than my actual weight. For me its how I look in the mirror that dictates my progress as opposed to the digits on the scale. I’ve found that constant variety in your workouts and constant experimenting with new methods is the key to changing your body composition and getting you that jacked body you’ve been looking for. The key here is proper nutrition and killing every workout you do. No workout to go to waste. Every workout like its your last. It’s a battle, it’ll be tough, you will be challenged but you will overcome and succeed, constantly setting goals and achieving them, never settling, always hungry for more. That’s the mentality you need to get anywhere. Try out the workouts that I’ve provided and eat well. I’ll be providing a sample nutrition plan to help you get started, the rest you will find on the blog. Scroll through the menu, read, get educated and kill your workouts!! Let’s do this!

  1. D'Tanga Small says:

    This got me pumped up. I can’t wait to work out tomorrow!

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